Congregation History

Cathey’s Creek Church of Christ is located in the Cathey’s Creek / Isom area of western Maury County. It was originally known as Isom Church of Christ. First sermons preached here were by a “Brother Kincade” from Bedford County, and were delivered from a sandbar on Cathey’s Creek in 1818. His listeners came from the Presbyterian church that was located nearby. Those who responded to the call of the gospel referred to themselves as the “Christian Church”. Alice Cathey was the first recorded baptism. Meetings were held here in which as many as 100 people were baptized in obedience to the gospel.

In 1820 a log meetinghouse was built north of Kittrell Cemetery, thus establishing a congregation which is now over 195 years old. In 1843 a second log structure replaced the original. This structure was razed in 1870. A large frame building was then built, which burned around 1893. A smaller meetinghouse replaced this building and was also used as a school. In 1910 the church bought 3 acres of land from Mr. Lucious Morrow for $300 and built the present building. The Dry Fork Church of Christ congregation helped to construct the building.

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