Sermons from July 2017

Sermons from July 2017

Sharing Jesus

By Jonathan Jones II. Summary: Walking the path of a disciple means that we share Jesus with others. Sharing Jesus starts with going to your own people and sharing what Jesus has done for you. Recorded 7/14/17.

The Power of Revival

By Jonathan Jones II. Summary: The church needs revival today, which can only come from the Holy Spirit. We must pray bold prayers, be renewed as individuals and experience the weight of God’s glory. Recorded 7/13/17.

What is a Disciple?

By Jonathan Jones II. Summary: Jesus is interested in making disciples not just church members. But what is discipleship? Recorded 7/12/17.

What is Heaven Like?

By Jonathan Jones II. Summary: The Bible presents many images of what heaven is like. These pictures are designed to fuel our imagination and make us long for this eternal place of reunion, adventure and protection. Recorded 7/11/17.

What Are You Really Thirsty For?

By Jonathan Jones II. Summary: Each of us has a deep thirst for something more out of life. Yet all our attempts to quench this thirst leave us empty. Jesus promises to provide a living water to his followers that will give permeant meaning and satisfaction in life. Recorded 7/10/17.
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